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Kudos to the Indonesian Duolingo Team!

I completed the 'Indonesian skill tree' of the course by completing level 1 of each unit in a module and passing the check points. I am now going back and doing the topics that are of interest to me (e.g. education, science, sports, politics, etc.) and the grammatical lessons/sections I find challenging.

I share the frustrations that have been expressed by many fellow students of this course. The main ones for me being the translation to English, the sentences that don’t make any sense both in Indonesian and English and being forced to giving the wrong answers in order to complete a unit. I also find the feedback mechanism a bit cumbersome.

However, my sense of frustration is tempered by the realization that this course is still in the ‘beta’ mode. One suggestion I would make is to have a short explanation of the objective and the grammar to be learned in each unit. Tips and examples will also help the learning process.

So, kudos to those working hard on this course. There is still a lot of room for improvement, but you guys have done a great job!

February 18, 2019



I loved it! Once I'd moved on to other resources, I realized just how much it had taught me.


Yea it very good compared to the Hindi Turkish and Japanese ones those have been very disappointing not enough to learn much the Indonesian one is long enough for me to actually learn something.


IKR!? Now if only they could add Javanese...


I haven’t progressed far enough into the Hindi tree yet to comment on it, but I do agree the Turkish tree is pretty short. The Japanese tree is planning an expansion that everyone will get in the summer if all goes well.


I have a friend and he told me this course isn't right, but I'm still trying it anyways, showing him screenshots and feedback as I go along. Maybe someday they will fix this course, my friend's second language is Indonesian so he knows what he is talking about honestly.


There are many local varieties of Bahasa Indonesia. Depending on the context of what you sent him, and what he knows, perhaps there has been some sort of mix up. I've studied Bahasa Indonesia for a while now and I haven't found any major errors in the part of the course that I've done so far.


I concur it is a bit off. Lacks conversational language, English translations are off and the variety of words is lacking.

I am not impressed with how easy it is too.

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