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As you might know by looking at my profile, I am learning French. Aside from the little of that language I know, I only know English. I live in Wisconsin, an exquisite place to write poetry or work on a novel. There's amazingly beautiful trees, throughout all of the seasons, and astonishing snow in the winter that sparkles like a thousand diamonds. I wanted to learn a language, and realized that my very best friend, Avicus, nick-name Grey, (who's mother is of French descendant, clarifying his name.) was learning French. I figured that I would give it a shot. I have now fallen in love with this language, though I know next to nothing about it. I would highly recommend this to people who would like to learn a new language that is intriguing yet difficult.

February 18, 2019


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I understand why you love French so much!

February 18, 2019

Glad you do! Here's a Lingot-

I think, after learning English, french is more easier to learn! Though I'm beginner in French, I put all the eggs in one basket by learning it.

French is super fun! I can't wait until I finish my current goals so I can get started on it. But like a lot of languages, it's bigger on the inside ;) (sorry that was bad)

Everyone who had a Doctor Who reference got a Lingot from me

like I said I love doctor who

Woo hoo! Thank you! 10 is my favorite!

its easy to learn, well, at least for me, but the special sounds and romantic sounds really add up to why I love this language so much

Well, while languages are never easy-easy, at least for native English speakers it is at least one of the relatively easy ones - hope that's encouraging when you hit a tough spot!


I am trying to learn French but so little is sticking! I need help remembering

like me in Spanish.. perhaps a great motivation as omgitsthedoctor's one is necessary !

Venice is in Italy. Are you going to learn Italian, too?

Yes, but first I will learn French, and after Italian. I don't want to get things mixed up.

I like how your profile picture is doctor who

That's the Doctor, to you, Sweetie. Oof pun intended.

I think that is a wise plan.

Her profile says she wants to go to Venice.

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