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Would the sentence "virkelig? Jeg har hørt om et par andre!" be correct? (Grammatically and such?)

I have recently begun learning Danish, and I don't know how the grammar works 100% and how you word certain sentences like a normal citizen of Denmark still confuses me, so would the sentence "virkelig? Jeg har hørt om et par andre!" be correct? I would ask someone in my house, but no one else knows any Danish, and we all know the issue with Google Translate, so that's not really any help. Can someone please help?

February 18, 2019



Grammatically, the sentence is fine. I suppose you need a bit of context to make sense of it, but grammatically, it is unproblematic.

February 19, 2019


At the very least you should start with a capital letter, so "Virkelig?". I'll let natives address the rest of the question; I do not see a problem with it, for what it is worth, but I have no idea if it sounds natural or really is correct.

February 19, 2019


Im fluent in Danish and, 'Virkelig? Jeg har hørt om et par andre' is the same as ''Really? i heard about a pair others'' in English. I dont really hear many people say that to anyone in a sentence, but it's not impossible. If i were to say that i would rather say ''Virkelig? Jeg har hørt om nogle andre'', Cause 'nogle' sounds more fitting. 'Nogle' instead of 'Et par'. Nogle = Some. (Nogle nødder = some nuts. Nogle mennesker = Some people. Nogle sko = some shoes. Nogle andre = some others) I hope it made sense or pleas just ask more questions :)

March 4, 2019


Hi, I'm a native speaker, and I disagree. "Et par" can refer to "a pair", understood as two things belonging together. It can also refer to two of the same thing - not necessarily belonging together, as I believe "a pair" always does. In my opinion, it can also be used in a context where the number is unknown or unimportant, but a low number. "Et par stykker" for example, does not always refer to two, but to a low number of things.

March 12, 2019


Yes then we agree

April 4, 2019


Native speaker in the house! The sentence is fine!

February 26, 2019
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