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"Torg and Mara"

Translation:torgh mara je

February 18, 2019



Can someone explain this? I thought 'ej was "and"


There are multiple ways to say "and" in Klingon. Different words are used for combining nouns and combining sentences (or verbs). To combine multiple nouns together you list them all and then put je at the end: torgh mara HoD je ("Torg, Mara, and the captain"). To combine sentences you put 'ej between the sentences: yaj torg 'ej yaj mara ("Torg understands and Mara understands.")

You might say there are actually 4 ways to say "and"? Using those two previous "and" words mean that all the options are included. There are also two words that indicate, that at least one of the options is true, but they may or may not all be true. I like to translate this into English as "and/or". For nouns it's joq: torgh mara HoD joq ("Torgh and/or Mara and/or the captain" - at least one of them, but could be one, two, or all three of them). For verbs it's qoj: yaj torgh qoj yaj mara ("Torg understands and/or mara understands." - at least one of these statements is true, possibly both).

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