Login problem.

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I just tried to log in as usual. When I clicked on "Login" I got an unfamiliar login box. I filled in my information and hit "Log In", but it just closed the box and left me on the same page instead of going to the "exercises" page. I tried repeatedly in three different browsers with the same result. However, when I came to this page directly I found I was logged in, and I can go from here to the exercises page as normal.

February 19, 2019


I had the same problem. At first, I thought it was because I used my username to login instead of the email address it prompts for, but it did accept my login, just didn't acknowledge it.
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Yes, I tried that too. I wonder how many other people are having the same problem, and haven't found their way here to report it.
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Just found something. If I log in, and then refresh the page, it works.

That works for me too, thanks. Hopefully it's just a temporary glitch and they'll get around to ironing it out.

duolingo forced me to change my password and when i did that, suddenly i lost every advance i had made, how do i get back my old account? I have a streak of over 450 days!

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With the sole exception of teaching languages, Duolingo is Mute, Deaf and Blind I have lost hope of getting any answers about any problem i can find in its page

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