"The lemon also produces juice."

Translation:O limão também produz suco.

April 8, 2013

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o limao produz suco tambem?why wrong?


As duolingo accepts most of time literal translations, that would be "the lemons produces juice too" we have to translate what duolingo wants :( but you can report that...


I got it.But how to report it?


I think you have to see the same exercise again... and then, on the bottom of the page, you click on report the problem ;)


I keep having trouble understanding when to use the definitive article and when not to. The rules seem to be different than what I am used to in English.

In this instance, would it be okay to say 'O limão também produz o suco'?


Depending on the context. If the word "suco" has been quoted earlier in a context or if it is a specific juice, then you can add "o"

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