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Mexican spanish?

Is the Spanish that we are learning here the original language or the dialect in Mexico? I have heard that there is a difference in the pronounciation of some letters.

April 8, 2012



This should be the original language. There are differences in pronounciation in many Spanish-speaking countries (much like with any other language). Duolingo should be teaching "plain" Spanish.


The vocab and the pronunciation sounds very much like standard/plain Spanish.

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why is everybody so worried ONLY with the mexican? I have been 26 years studying spanish in spain , i live here(even though my mother language is not spanish). and well, here in spain there are a lot of people from southamerica, how to say.....i do understand mexicans colombians and venezuelans fairly well.....but i have lot of trouble when talking with the rest. ((this if you remove their vocabulary, which i dont understand....i am now talking about the accent, the way they pronounce))

The thing becomes even worse when speaking to ignorant people, they cannot write properly because they write how they pronounce, and since they pronounce in latin american then they are not able to write properly (you can see this on internet forums)

sometimes i dont even understand andalusians (southern spanish in spain!) or canarians (spanish islands) when they are on tv.

Even sometimes in national spanish tv chanels they put subtitles when some people from southamerica, andalucia, etc speaks very fast....because the ones with the proper spanish dont understand ....

And, Im sorry, but duolingo uses the sounds incorrectly,.

I havent ever yet listened the "girl voice" pronouncing a "C" like a "c" instead of a s.....

I am fluent speaker, so i can sort everything out because i know the vocabulary and i know how to spell the words even if you pronounce it incorrectly....but a non-fluent-speaker will have problems with this "voice"

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