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More explanation on Demonstrative pronouns please

It would be great to have a bit more detail in the Tips and Notes section for Demonstrative pronouns in Dutch. When to use dit, deze, dat, zulk, zelfde, is hard to pick out from the lessons. Thanks!

February 19, 2019



Thank you for your suggestion! We'll definitely look into that.

Let me try to explain "deze", "dit", "die", and "dat". They translate to "this", "that", "these", and "those". In English, there is a difference between singular (this, that), and plural (these, those), and distance (close: this, these; far: that, those).
In Dutch, there is a difference in distance (close: deze, dit; far: die, dat), and the gender of the word: de woorden use "deze" and "die", and het woorden use "dit" and "dat".


  • De hond - deze hond - die hond <> the dog - this dog - that dog
  • De honden - deze honden - die honden <> the dogs - these dogs - those dogs
  • Het huis - dit huis - dat huis <> the house - this house - that house
  • De huizen - deze huizen - die huizen <> the houses - these houses - those houses

As for "zulk" and "zulke", these words behave like adjectives (so "zulk" for het woorden and "zulke" for de woorden), and they mean "such a" or "this/that sort/kind/type of X".

  • Zulke huizen - these/those types of houses
  • Zulk brood - this/that type of bread

As for "-zelfde", it means "same". It is combined with "het" or "de": "hetzelfde" and "dezelfde" (both mean "the same"). You might have guessed it, it depends on the gender of the word whether to use "hetzelfde" or "dezelfde".

  • Ik ga naar dezelfde school als jij - I am going to the same school as you
  • Het is niet hetzelfde - It is not the same

Besides "hetzelfde" and "dezelfde", there are two more options: "datzelfde" and "diezelfde" (again, depends on the gender which one to use). They mean "that same".


Awesome - Thanks! It would help a lot op people if you were to add it to the Demonstrative pronouns - Tips and notes : https://www.duolingo.com/skill/dn/Determiners/tips-and-notes


I am not sure if you'll be able to see it if I add it (because the current tree is locked), we can try!

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