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Netflix for Learning Spanish

I have been using Netflix to learn more Spanish. The language settings for many programs allow for Spanish audio and subtitles. Coco was really easy to follow even for me, a total beginner. At the moment I am watching Celia. The language level is more difficult so I am using English subtitles with Spanish audio. I try to listen not for comprehension but to hear words I already know in context. After I watch an episode I try to write a summary using words I already know. I am certain these summaries sound like I am in kindergarten but it has been a lot of fun!

Does anyone else use Netflix for language learning? Can you recommend any titles where there isn´t a whole lot of talking or the language level is simple?

February 19, 2019



you should definitely try "grand hotel" on netflix! a nail-biting, on the edge of your seat, mostly clean (sometimes a bit suggestive in the further episodes) spanish drama set in Spain! usually i'm not a huge fan of shows set in old time spaces, but this show is so addicting and 10/10 quality.


Sounds like fun! I will check it out


I am currently watching the series La Niña on Netflix. It's a really good series and I watch with Spanish audio and Spanish subtitles.


Thank you for the suggestion!


I'm loving La Niña but it's strange to hear them only speak in "usted". I watched a few episodes of Grand Hotel but the spanish was waaaay too fast and the story got a little too "inappropriate".


Yes, I noticed it too. It was confusing at first but I got used to it.


Siempre Bruja is an amazing show on Netflix that has Spanish audio and you can watch with English subtitles if you want. It translates to Always a Witch. If you use Netflix in English the title of the show will be Always a Witch.


Thank you! I'll check it out.


Thanks for this recommendation! I watched the first episode and am hooked.


See this discussion for a complete list of Spanish Netflix shows.


I have a big list of shows here, but most of them can be difficult to understand. My favorites are from Spain (Velvet, Alta Mar, Gran Hotel, Casa de Papel), but shows from Latin America may be a bit easier to understand. Maybe Siempre Bruja, Club de Cuervos, Casa de Flores, or La Niña?

Here's the list with trailers for each one: https://spanishmama.com/spanish-shows-on-netflix/


@eealvarado aka Spanish Mama. Thanks for the list.

I love your website https://spanishmama.com/

By the way, Netflix in USA, just started today (August 20, 2019) Un bandito honrado




This video talks about the 5 best Netflix shows to watch to learn Spanish! It includes La Casa de Papel, Gran Hotel, Elite, Club de Cuervos, and Las Chicas del Cable. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=comd3p8xD-E&feature=youtu.be


Maybe cartoons for children originally in Spanish. Coco is an excellent example, even though it was not originally in Spanish, the dubbed version tends to mimic natural speech, unlike other dubbed movies.

Other shows from Netflix that I would recommend for beginners (consider age recommendations) are "Juana Inés" (Mexico) and "El Ministerio del Tiempo" (Spain).


One more vote for "El Ministerio del Tiempo", a great TV series that manages to amuse and teach (Spanish History, mainly).

Alonso de Entrerríos is such a legend.


Unfortunately El ministerio del tiempo is not available on Netflix in my country. :(


I LOVE el ministerio del tiempo! I have found the language to be really complex though so I watched it with English subtitles. I will try Juana Inés. Thank you for the recommendations


Gran Hotel

LLN: Learning Languages with Netflix

It is truly amazing.




One of the creator's of this fantastic program is:


For posts from davidzweig2, google

site:forum.duolingo.com davidzweig2


I'm kinda sad that I can't watch anime with this, but it'll still be fun. Thank you.


Amazing. Can't wait to give it a try!! Thank you so much amigo


Is this extension temporarily unavailable? The links from the website return 404's and a search of the Chrome Store for LLN or Learning Languages with Netflix serves up three extension that are not this.


Wow, thanks for the tip! Can't wait to try this!


Jim, this is a great idea of marrowbiter to share, as is your helpful expansion. I've got netflix (on trial at the moment, which I mention in case it has something to do with this) but can't get the more expanded subtitles shown in your screen capture. I've been on the LLN instructions page. But I only get two options both on my laptop and on my tv; audio and subtitles. Could you kindly suggest where I'm going wrong?


Please ignore my earlier comment, Jim. I've just found out that I hadn't installed the 'LLN' extension. Now I have and it works! Just started watching Grand Hotel and I can now see both the Spanish and the English subtitles. Brilliant! Sorry to have troubled you. If anyone else is having the same issue, you need to go to the google store and add the extension to google chrome. You get the little red circle with LLN towards the bottom of the screen and therefore also the options to get both lots of subtitles. Works on the laptop; about to try it on the tv...... Ah. it doesn't work on the tv, I've just discovered. Only through Chrome. Still, a very useful function.


As a side note for Spanish learners using netflix. I set up a second account with Spanish as my main language specifically to create a watch list of Spanish movies seperate from the family (english) account. It switches all the menus and descriptions to Spanish as well and defaults to Spanish audio (if available, Spanish subtitled if not). It gives me recommendations based on what movies that account has watched. It helps keep things seperated so it doesn't interfere with the families watchlist. A unintentional side effect is it drives my son nuts watching a movie and he doesn't realize it is Spanish for a few minutes if I don't switch the accounts back. Really amusing, but also shows that those couple years of high school Spanish class he took, weren't for nothing... :)


haha That is funny. And a great tip. Thanks!


hmm I do know el chavo


I've never tried that, but I definitely will know. It's a great way to build context for the words rather than just seeing them on-screen! :)


When I write the summaries it makes me stretch to find words I know. I am finding it really helpful. I would, like to hear about your experience if you try this.


Yes I use it a lot for French and Spanish. The more you watch Spanish titles, the more it recommends them to you as well.


Keep on trying dont give up


I think it is a very smart way to be entertained and educated at the same time!


Also a tip: even if Netflix in your country doesn't normally support Spanish subtitles by default (or those in any other target language it supports elsewhere), you can change the interface language to Spanish and then you'll have Spanish dubbing and subtitle options for everything. I watch English-speaking shows with Spanish subtitles too now.


Other than those already recommended, Spanish-language shows worth checking out include La casa de papel (Spanish) and Diablero (Mexican).


I love Diablero. Intended on watching a couple episodes and ended up binge watching it over a weekend! I hope there will be another season. A lot of language you won't find on Duo.

A couple movies I really enjoyed are Ataúd Blanco: El Juego Diabólico (White coffin - Argentina) and Orbiter 9 (Órbita 9 - Spain). First one is horror and the second is scfi. Both on netflix.


I use Spanish with Spanish subtitles but have an intermediate-ish level.


I started doing this a few weeks ago and I love it. I ended up getting completely hooked on La Reina del Sur. I did with English subtitles, but the next show I watch will be either with Spanish subtitles, or none.

I love the suggestion to create a Spanish language profile to keep the content and suggestions together. Great idea!


I'm watching Gran Hotel. It is a high budget soap opera. It is pretty advanced, but I listen and freeze the Spanish subtitles as needed. You should not use English subtitles. I think it is better to match the audio with the words. I have an iPad next to me to use https://www.spanishdict.com for translation and conjugation. Soap operas are good, because once you are hooked there is no problem with finding time to study! :)


On Hulu I discovered Curious George, somewhat dated but fun nevertheless. On Netflix I"ve been watching Millenials and Rosario Tijeras lately. I've found that looking for video books for young spanish readers has helped me a lot. It is a little funny to realize after studying a language for some months that a six year old has more command of the language than I do, but not surprising. That Spanish speaking six year old has been at it for six years 24/7. I'm at it for maybe an hour a day on a good day. I've also gone to my local library and found some juvenile literature for kids 8 -10 and I'm beginning to be able to read them. It's fun to read and watch old Disney stories in French and Spanish too. Well known fairy tales are a always good and several versions are on the web now. It's the good side of the internet. Enjoy.


I was struggling to find things on Netflix that were not too fast and then I realised 'Peppa Pig' is the perfect pace for me to learn with my daughter. There are a few other kids shows that have the Spanish audio available such as 'YooHoo al rescate!' Obviously helps if you have a toddler like me to keep entertained.


Hadn't thought of it for Spanish. I watched all the Scandinavian Noir available on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu because I love Swedish.


no tengo la menor idea de que fue lo que dijo


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