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  5. "राज बहुत बुरा है।"

"राज बहुत बुरा है।"

Translation:Raj is very bad.

February 19, 2019



Raj needs to do more practice on duolingo!


बुरा was previously defined as bad or evil. The Shabdkosh.com dictionary also defines it as evil and several other bad adjectives. This should be accepted since it was accepted before and is an acceptable definition of the word.


Agree, just happened to me.


What is the difference between बुरा and खराब ? My wife's dad said that खराब is used much more than बुरा. When do you use each?

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When used with things, बुरा is 'bad' and खराब is 'spoilt'. So, 'दूध बुरा है' means that you should probably buy a different brand next time and 'दूध खराब है' means that you left the milk in the refrigerator long after its expiration date.

When used with people, they can both mean 'bad'. However, खराब is not commonly used as a predicative adjective when used with people. This means that you would say 'राज बहुत ख़राब आदमी है' (Raj is a very bad man) instead of 'राज बहुत ख़राब है' (Raj is very bad). बुरा can be used both ways.


When an apple is spoiled we can use खराब and when we don't like any man or his habits we can use बुरा. but its not may be fine to say बुरा apple. but we can use खराब आदमी.

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