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"Elles n'aiment pas leurs jupes vertes."

Translation:They do not like their green skirts.

April 8, 2013



elle n'aime pas leur jupes vertes. Besides the fact that i could not tell that "elles" was being used here... why is "jupes" not accepted.


"jupes" is accepted.

"leur" in singular is not accepted, because "jupes" is plural.

Remember: in French, possessive adjectives agree with the object, not with the owner.


"leur jupe verte" is accepted.


exactly! and it said 'jupes' in the 'correct' answer. I don't get it


elle n'aime pas leurs jupes vertes accepted


Elles n'aime pas leurs juepes vertes, is the answer to the dictation and I have two issues with pronunciation with respect to plurality.

This could be a woman (elle) not liking other peoples (leurs) skirts, or other peoples (leur) skirt. And it could have been A group of women (elles) not liking other peoples skirts, or other peoples skirt. And it could have been a group of women not liking their skirts or their skirt.

Just because its says, leur, doesn't mean its, Elles, or jupes, just because it is more likely, correct? Duolingo is famous for giving sentences that don't make sense. So by hearing along how do you know which is it?


You won't know, without context, but it should accept all (4) possibilities. However, it's definitely not "Elles n'aime..." There needs to be subject/verb agreement, so "Elles n'aiment..."


What did I miss while listening to this that would tip me off it was plural? Just trying to find out what I missed with my listening.


If by listening to the French sentence you interpreted "leur jupe verte" and translated in "their green skirt", it would just mean that one skirt belongs to several women. In French, there is no difference in pronunciation between singular and plural: "leur jupe verte" vs "leurs jupes vertes".


It is also written there. Translate after reading.


I agree that does help tell you, but it does not help figure out what to do better next time


Had the same problem, but by listening carefully to the slow intonation, we can discern the subtle emphasis on the plural forms. Agree it would be very difficult in the normal pronunciation.


"Elle n'aime pas leur jupe verte." is also accepted.


It told me my translation (Elles n'aiment pas leurs jupes vertes") was incorrect, and then printed the correct translation as "ells n'aiment pas leurs jupes vertes". I am confused. And down one heart. :(


Same thing happened to me.


Could this not mean "she doesn't like their green skirts?"


Would they like them in a boat? They might like them with a goat!

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