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  5. "Ein Mann mag seine Töchter."

"Ein Mann mag seine Töchter."

Translation:A man likes his daughters.

April 8, 2013



Would this actually be said? A man likes his daughter just seems a bit weird in the sene of context


daughter=Tochter daughters=Töchter


This is Austrian German.


can this be "his daughter likes a man"?


No. In that case, "Mann" would be accusative and it should be "einen Mann". And "Töchter" is plural.


It means that he likes his (another man's=the daughters of another man) daughters. This is not meant in a perverted context. There have been a few cases of incest here in Austria with these sort of things. It may be a play on words. There are a variety of German dialects. There are even quite a few within Germany itself. I have moved here from the U.S.A and I have a hard time understanding Austrians sometimes. The vocabulary is slightly different and the pace at which they speak can be incredibly difficult to follow. In the German of Germany I can distinguish between individual words even though I may not know what they mean. I can tell that there is a slight pause because each word whereas here sometimes all I hear is a gigantic slur.

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