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Hey everyone, I’ve been learning German for quite some time and decided to compile a long and extensive list of (mostly free) resources which I have found particularly helpful. So, here it is:


  • https://m.dw.com/en/learn-german/s-2469 This is a great website to begin with, for learners from A1-C1. It contains several series which really helps boost your learning. (They also have podcasts and a YouTube channel if that’s more convenient!) I highly recommend ‘Harry - gefangen in der Zeit’ which covers material from A1 - B1.

  • https://www.goethe.de/en/m/spr/ueb.html Much like Deutsche Welle, Goethe also contains a lot of content, tutorials and even games to help you improve.

  • https://deutschwortschatz.de For more advanced learners, this is a blog which teaches you about linguistics. Not one I use often but helpful nonetheless.

  • https://lyricstraining.com This is a website for song lovers. The idea is that you listen to German songs (there are also many other languages you can choose from) and fill in blanks as you go along. It is also available as an app.

  • https://www.dict.cc This is a dictionary, one of the most helpful tools for any language learner. I have always been encouraged to use this over Google Translate and it’s clear why!

  • https://www.linguee.de Another dictionary, one you can have as an app on your phone.

  • https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCbxb2fqe9oNgglAoYqsYOtQ This is a YouTube channel which is great for anybody who wants to watch videos completely in German and learn about life in Germany. Highly recommend it!

  • https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCZwegPHTG4gvnR0WLzaq5OQ Another YouTube Channel which covers loads of content, especially with grammar.


  • https://www.netflix.com/gb/title/80100172?source=35 Whilst this may not be a series I’ve watched, Dark is available on Netflix and has been described as a German version of Stranger Things.

  • Emil und die Detektive: This is a book targeted at A2 learners which contains very basic language. It can be cheaply bought off Amazon.

Well, that’s my part done. The rest is up to you all! Hopefully with this it won’t be ‘Deutsche Sprache, schwere Sprache’, rather ‘Deutsche Sprache, leichte Sprache’! Have fun learning and be sure to comment any other sites you know.

If you have any other questions, comment down below or join my German Club: Y7SZ7G and I’ll be sure to respond!

Vielen Dank, -Syntax.

February 20, 2019



For more exercises:

Most of the standard textbooks have additional exercises online: (Schubert's Begenungen and Spektrum - and later Erkundungen, Klett's various series, Hueber's Menschen and Schritte. None of those require the textbooks or a code from them :)


Thank you. Here’s a lingot for helping out!


If you are a university student, or have a public library card, check out Kanopy (https://www.kanopy.com/). It is an educational platform that several libraries and universities have access to that has a TON of great foreign film. Each library and university will have different selections as there is some flexibility on what the libraries will order (as with the books in them). Most libraries will offer you 5-10 free film rentals a month through Kanopy. There is a wide range of German language film, my selection is over 400 films. They range from very early childhood videos, like Blue's Clues, classics like Metropolis and Nosferatu, and modern film as well, with everything in between. WARNING - Your library may not subscribe, so this would be useless to you. Also, university libraries have MUCH bigger selections.

Another recommendation I have that is free is Instagram. Follow active German speakers in fields that you are interested in. Like comedy, there are plenty of accounts with jokes. Like sports, follow some athletes. I personally follow influencers, because of my job. It is a great way to read a few paragraphs how people actually talk, and watch the stories where they just talk into the camera, and you can get an idea of how people talk on a normal basis. The goal is just to read and listen to the language. There are also numerous "word of the day" and quick grammar quiz accounts that you can follow as well.


Thanks for the ideas. Here’s a lingot


I've no idea if Slow German is on here, so I'll throw that in as well. Find it here: https://slowgerman.com/

This is a podcast, spoken by a native speaker, about various things in Germany. It has transcripts, news in Slow German, videos and more. It's great for listening comprehension.

Volgav vitsenanieff nivya kevach varatsach.


No it’s not. Perhaps I should check it out. Thanks for the advice, you can have a lingot too!


Thanks for all the resources, Syntax! And to those who responded with more. About the club - that's only on the app, nicht wahr?


No problem! Und ja, du hast Recht, nur von der App. Ich gebe dir einen Lingot für deine harte Arbeit.


Ich gebe dich zehn Lingots, für alle Lingots, die du verschenkts.


Das ist süß. Vielen Dank für deine Freundlichkeit. Aber, nimm etwas züruck bitte.


(Lache laut) lol -- du gewinnst! =D Ich freue mich dein Freund zu sein.


Haha, sicher!

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Thanks for sharing - Here's another site someone suggested some time ago at the University of Texas. http://coerll.utexas.edu/gg/index.html and there's Nachrichtenleicht https://www.nachrichtenleicht.de/ which has some good support sections as well as up to date news items Good luck


Happy to! Thanks for the input (I’ll be sure to check them out) and thank you everyone for the lingots. :D


Sehr, sehr hilfreich! Vielen dank für das teilen.


Kein Problem. Ich bin froh, dass es geholfen hat! Auch, möchten Sie meinem Club beitreten? Und nehmen Sie einen Lingot!


I've used www.leo.de for, well, decades. I've recently referred to https://www.duden.de/ on occasion even though I don't much care for it because, well, it's Duden!


Haha, thank you for helping out the community! Here’s a lingot as a reward!


Thanks for the resources! I'm checking them out now.

I'll just add that my favorite German dictionary by far is PONS: they have clear explanations with sample sentences and phrases, and they also have a German Learner's Dictionary in which German terms are defined entirely in easy German: https://en.pons.com/translate


No problem, thanks for the addition. Take a lingot as a show of my appreciation. I’ll check your link out too!


Dankeschon, sooo helpful!


Kein Problem. I’m glad it is! Have a lingot for your hard work!


Es freut mich, dir zu helfen! Take this lingot!


No problem, take this lingot as a reward for your hard work!


Very useful! Thank you.


Glad it’s of good use! Here’s a lingot!


Dankeschön! Wie trete ich deinem Club bei ?


Gern geschehen! Leider existiert die Function bzw. Clubs nicht mehr. Hier ist aber ein Lingot!


Thank you so much, this will help me out a lot <3

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