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"Kalian diminta memilih makanan enak."

Translation:You are asked to pick delicious food.

February 20, 2019



In English "pick" should be replaced with "choose" -> "Your are asked to choose delicious food"; however, if the word "pick" is to be used it should be "pick out" -> "Your are asked to pick out delicious food".


I don't agree, based on usage here in NZ. You can pick something nice, you don't have to pick it out. To me, picking something could be done slowly or quickly, but picking it out implies more time spent on the decision.


You are asked - should we not use telah or an equivalent to indicate the difference from 'you asked' which was marked as incorrect


Yes, i agree. I was marked wrong for not adding the 'are'


No, telah is not needed. The di prefix makes the verb passive. It's not a question of tense, it's a question of being passive, not active. So diminta means "are asked" (or "is asked" with a he/she/it subject). Telah would put it into the past tense: "you were asked", or "you have been asked".

"You are asked" means that somebody else asked you. "You asked" means that you did the asking (past tense).

See https://www.duolingo.com/skill/id/Di-/tips-and-notes

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