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Missing shortcuts for new courses

I just tried to switch to the new Spanish for French course, and I discovered that I only have the first two shortcuts available. I guess there should be at least three?

I know that after a few failed attempts the shortcut gets blocked, but this is a new course so I didn't try any shortcut yet. I think the reason might be that I tried the shortcuts for the Spanish for English course when I just started using Duolingo (and failed the last one). I guess it's not normal that the shortcuts get blocked for language pairs as well? I'm fairly certain that I already noticed this in other courses too, but since I tried a lot of courses, I wasn't entirely sure for some of the others.

By the way, although I think it seems fair that a shortcut is blocked after several failed attempts, maybe the blocking should be limited in time. As people continue learning they are likely to advance their skills up to the point where they should be able to try the shortcut again.

May 22, 2014

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I discovered that resetting the language also activates the shortcuts again. I tried it for French but noticed it also completely erases my finished English-French tree :-(. Luckily I was able to get placed all the way towards the end with the placement test, and the shortcuts are also available for Spanish->French now.

I don't think I will be trying that for the other languages though, so I hope the problem can get fixed in the future.

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