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"Mother describes the kind nurse in her letter."

Translation:Ibu menggambarkan perawat yang baik hati itu di suratnya.

February 21, 2019



I can understand baik hati, but I don't understand the use of itu here.


the kind nurse = perawat yang baik hati itu


Thank you for your help!
The article is so far away from the noun, haha.


Baik means kind. Baik hati would be "kind hearted" in English


"Ibu mengambarkan perawat yang baik dalam suratnya" is not accepted and the wrong word is "dalam" which should be "di". I am confused between di and dalam.


di = at, dalam = in (inside something or somewhere). In this case, it's 'in the letter' but not literally inside it so that's why 'di suratnya'. I'm also a learner by the way. But hope that clears out your confusion


So just to be clear, "itu" can function as "the"? It's not in the definition, and I don't remember another example of that in this course...

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