"If she were not to drink water, she would not get tired"

Translation:Asingekunywa maji asingechoka

February 21, 2019

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    I don't think the first clause should be negative in this sentence. It makes more sense to say: *Angekunywa maji, asingechoka." -- If she would drink water, she wouldn't get tired.


    you have a point, as it is the reverse would be 'angekunywa maji angechoka' which doesn't make much sense. Unless of course we're talking stomach cramps because of drinking water then running?



    You get super, super tired if you don't drink water. This sentence is not logical. They should change it.


    Change to Asingekunywa maji angechoka. If she were not to drink water, she would get tired.


    Change it now please.


    Also, why change it? Even if the statement doesn't make too much sense, it is grammatically correct. We're here to learn Swahili, not physiology or biology.


    True, but conversation between people generally makes sense, which helps people to learn a language. Examples like "my dog is a cat" are grammatically correct, but unhelpful to students. The sentence above suggests drinking water all the time makes one tired, which clearly seems nonsense to a lot of people.


    To what? Please be more descriptive when leaving suggestions

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