"What is that?"

Translation:वह क्या है?

February 21, 2019



Why is वह before क्या in this question? In English, the question "What is that?" meaning is different from "That is what?".

February 21, 2019


When it means 'what', क्या always appears just before the verb in the sentence. In this case, the verb is है (corresponding to 'is', a form of होना-'to be'). So, वह क्या है?=What is that?

Note: क्या has another use where it can turn a statement into a yes/no question. In this usage, it always appears at the beginning of the sentence. For example, you have the statement 'वह बड़ा है। ' - 'That is big'. By prefixing क्या, you get 'क्या वह बड़ा है?' - 'Is that big?'.

February 21, 2019
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