Duolingo Events - none showing up

Hi, just wondering if the events page has been down for a few months? It used to have a different layout, and when I typed in my city (Brisbane), various clubs came up by language (Spanish exchange, German exchange etc), whereas now, nothing happens.... I type in Brisbane, and there is nothing.... Is this because all the groups have been disbanded? When I try Sydney, for example, the events show up in chronological order, but there aren't very many... Cheers

PS - If I try Gold Coast, nothing happens either... even though I signed up for the Japanese event there a few months ago, and I still receive weekly reminders for the new weekly events... so obviously the event is still on, but it is not shown on the events page, which is a bit fishy...

February 22, 2019

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I have tried this too for Manchester and Liverpool in the UK - surprises me that there's no events as they are hugely diverse cultural hubs in the NW of the UK

June 10, 2019
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