"Saya suka lingkaran yang kamu gambar."

Translation:I like the circle that you draw.

February 22, 2019

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"are drawing" or "drew"


I would say "have drawn", present perfect because the circle drawn in the PAST that is visible in the PRESENT, i.e. has an effect in the present.

Note, dkfour, that I'm British, and we tend to use the perfect a lot more than people from America ;)


It's a funny one this. As a standalone sentence, there's numerous possibilities.

For example: "Hey, remember art class yesterday? I like the circle you drew (in it)" - past event, but still talking about how you like it in the present. However the time marker, or implication of, is necessary.

"I liked the circle you drew" - past event and memory.

(Standing next to them) "Wow. I like the circle you've drawn" - drawing still relevant to the present.

"I like the circle you're drawing" - not yet finished drawing a circle (though how long does it really take?)

"I like the circleS you draw" - talking about a skill

Tldr; "I like the circle you draw" is incorrect.

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