"Our national parks are bigger than your national parks"

Translation:Mbuga zetu za Taifa ni kubwa zaidi ya mbuga zenu

February 22, 2019

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    "kubwa kuliko mbuga zenu" is the same as "kubwa zaidi ya mbuga zenu" and should be accepted. Reported (to the extent possible).


    kuliko vs zaidi ya are supposed to mean exactly the same, but DL, more often than not, accepts only one of them. The problem has been reported by many of us already. I guess, we just have to continue reporting :(

    And, by the way, the English translation should be "Our national parks are bigger than your parks".


    Yep. I reported quite a few of these too. I've been getting emails saying that my translations have been accepted, so it seems like they are getting through!


    The English is correct; more common, however, would be "Our national parks are bigger than yours." We don't normally repeat the subject in spoken English. In written, one might do it if they were, say, filling up space in a 500-word essay. ;-)


    Can you say Mbuga za taifa zetu or it has to be Mbuga zetu za taifa


    The possessive pronoun (zetu) comes directly after the noun that it refers to. So, mbuga za taifa zetu translates to 'the parks of your nations'. Not quite the same :)


    Thanks, it makes sense.


    Thanks for the explanation :) Now that order finally makes sense to me :D


    national park is mbuga za wanyama, or have I been taught the wrong swahili all my life?


    You have not been taught the wrong Swahili all your life. The literal translation is mbuga za taifa however in normal conversation you will hear mbuga za wanyama. The parks are understood to be in the nation, no point repeating that bit.


    Animal parks? Like zoo's/safari's?


    Mbuga za wanyama = Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Manyara, Mikumi, Selous etc. You know, safari stuff.


    mbuga ya taifa zetu ni kubwa kuliko mbuga zenu This answer is also correct. Please correct yourselves Duolingo


    It is done. Kubwa kuliko was accepted.

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