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"qaStaHvIS wa' jaj, wa'logh je'nISlu'."

Translation:In one day, it must be purchased once.

February 22, 2019



I would be grateful for a real-life example of when someone would ever say this.


It was originally meant to be "It has to be fed once a day", but then we realised that we don't teach the meaning "feed" of je', only the meaning "buy", so the default translation was changed.

It's a bit of an odd sentence now.


The sentence doesn't say that, either. In one day is not the same as once a day. If I only fed/bought it once and never again, the sentence would still be describing that.

Hoch jaj wa'logh je'nISlu' It needs to be fed once a day.


Maybe it could be reformulated as: "qaStaHvIS wa' jaj, wa'logh SopnISlu'" or, David's formulation "Hoch jaj wa'logh SopnISlu".


That would mean that it has to be eaten, rather than fed. Maybe with a -moH in it?


You're right. The sentence is in the section about passive voice, so using -moH would express correctly what was intended with the original sentence, but it wouldn't fit in the section anymore. Too bad there's not another word for "feed".


Can the hints be changed to reflect the currently intended translation then? This is very confusing for someone who doesn't have ready access to the website or a copy of the Klingon-English dictionary.


What was missing and from which word?


je'nISlu' only has "feed" translation tips. We've learned je' for "buy", but not "feed".

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