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"Until we meet again, take good care!"

Translation:A hui hou, mālama pono!

February 22, 2019



Why wouldn't you use "kakou" in this sentence?


Kakou= everyone/ all... you use it for the sentence: Until we all meet again (talking to a group). This sentence seems to be talking only to one specific person according to context.


That's what I was wondering too.


What does "A" at the beginning mean?

[deactivated user]

    "A" in this idiom can be interpreted as "until" or "when." "Hui" translates to a meeting. "Hou" is "anew" or "again." Poetically, it is "Until the meeting is renewed." Or, just "Until meeting again." That is my personal take on it. It is one of my favorite expressions because of its simple poetry. "A hui hou" or "Later Gator."


    Why is E not used before malama?


    when asked to translate "take care" I offered "e mālama pono" and it was accepted, so maybe it's optional?


    Kahako not on android


    You can get kahakō on android by adding Hawaiian to your Gboard keyboard.


    Sorry, I'm a little curious about this one. So it sounds like "A hui hou" is commonly used for "Until you and i meet again", unless you're talking to more than one person, correct? Then you must use "kākou"? It sounds like "kāua" may be optional or personal preference in linguistics. Get back to me on this lol


    kākou (3+ people), kāua between you and another person


    It's ok but the app doesn't thinks so


    Why is the sentence reversed? Is that just an oddity of translation?


    So I am doing this exercise as a review, and I knew that "A hui hou, mālama pono!" was the (a) right answer - but not sure why the other one I selected just to check ("A hui hou kāua, e mālama 'oe ") is not? (other than usually there's only one "right" answer, I guess?)

    A hui hou kāua - still until we meet again (just stipulating "we two") E mālama 'oe - (imperative)(you) take care

    (Maybe because it's missing the "good" ("pono")?)


    Does anyone know why "Hui hou" (without the "A") is sometimes accepted as correct for "Until we meet again", but here it has to be "A hui hou"?


    Why not use the word for you and i here? I think its kāou?


    Because the "we" in this sentence is ambiguous. There's a separate exercise featuring A hui hou kāua. which translates to "Until you and I meet again."

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