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  5. "Que buvez-vous ?"

"Que buvez-vous ?"

Translation:What are you drinking?

April 8, 2013



Que vs quel, I thought que only meant 'that' whereas quel meant 'what', where am I mistaken?


Quel is an adjective, so you should have a noun just after it. "Quelle boisson buvez-vous?"; "quel vin préférez-vous ?"; "quels plats avez-vous préparés ?".

Que is a pronoun that can stand by itself : "que fais-tu ?" ; "que buvez-vous?"


One could also say, "Qu'est-ce que tu/vous boit/buvez?" Right?


tu boiS or vous buvez

each its own conjugation form.


I don't understand where the 'do' comes into play? Directly translated it is "Where you drink?" Are we to just assume the word 'do' would be in this sentence, or would you typically use another word to make this sentence correct, like 'faire'?

Please help! i'm confused!:)


In English, only auxiliaries and modal verbs can work without "do" in an interrogative sentence: are you drinking? have you drunk? can/may/must you drink?...

In French, to ask a question, you do not use "faire" to complement the action verb: buvez-vous? que buvez-vous ? où buvez-vous ? comment buvez-vous ? avez-vous bu ? pouvez-vous boire ?...


Is there any way to tell when vous is referring to you or they in this kind of statement?


"vous" never refers to they.

"vous" is like "you", either one person or several. When you use "vous" to address one person, it is more formal than when you use "tu" (for family, friends, colleagues only).


I love how she says this one. :P


Can this mean, as it frequently does in social situations in English, "What would you like to drink?"


Yes, it can and usually does.


System appeared not to hear my response. My response was correct. A fluke?

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