"That is where the name of today's community comes from."

Translation:Daher kommt der Name der heutigen Gemeinde.

April 8, 2013

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I tried: 'Davon kommt der Name heuter Gemeinschaft' to no avail. Kann man mir erklären, warum das ist. (Also, if my question is incorrect, any pointers are always welcome.)

Subsequently, i also tried with 'heutiger Gemeinschaft' and it wasn't accepted either...

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    "heute" is an adverb only. You can't use it as an adjective.


    Doch! Mann sagt auch z.B. "die heutigen Nachrichten".

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      "heute" and "heutig" are two different words.


      Would "Daher kommt der Name heutiger Gemeinde" be incorrect? Is the article necessary here? I have not tried this, just curious.

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        It has to be "der heutigen Gemeinde".


        What's wrong with this? 'Das ist, wo der Name der heutigen Gemeinde kommt'


        It can't be "wo" because "wo" is only for static location, not for direction. "Woher", maybe.

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          Try this one, its 100% correct! :-)

          "Das ist, wo der Name der heutigen Gemeinde herkommt."

          Don't forget the comma. :-)


          It wouldn't take woher

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            I wouldn't be sure about that!

            Please check this out:

            Adverb -

            A. von welchem Ort, welcher Stelle,

            B. aus welcher Quelle?; von wem,

            C. von welchem [gerade genannten] Ort



            In above example bullet point C, if the name of the place was mentioned before a valid sentence could be:

            "Das is woher der Name kommt."


            Like I said, I tried woher, and it told me it was incorrect. I agree that it should be accepted as coorect.


            kann jemand mir erklarem ob der folgende Satz falsch ist? "Das ist woraus der Name der Heutigen Gemeinde stammt" (mir gefallt am besten : )

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              Well, it is unfortunately not right, even if you have put a lot of thoughts in it.

              I explain:

              You cannot not use "woraus" = "aus was" , because the keyword here is "where from" = "woher"

              Das ist, wo der Name der heutigen Gemeinde herkommt.

              Das ist, wo der Name der heutigen Gemeinde seinen Ursprung hat.

              Daher kommt der Name der heutigen Gemeinde.

              The last sentence is an answer of the following German conversation: A: Ich habe absolut keine Ahnung wo der Name dieser Gemeinde herkommt. B: Ich kann dir das erklaeren, ich habe gelesen, hier war vor hunderten von Jahren eine Burg mit dem Namen ..... "Daher kommt der Name der heutigen Gemeinde."

              And don't forget the comma after 'ist'. :-)


              ok. backtoschool.. vielen Dank.. ich hatte (falsch) gedacht dass hier "Stammen aus" gelten wuerde

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                No problem.

                Gern geschehen. :-)

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                  Ah sorry I forgot to add:

                  You are not soo wrong with your thoughts!

                  "abstammen" or "stammen von" is actually the same as "kommt von ..." in the above context!

                  Namen koennen:

                  abstammen, von etwas abgeleite sein, von etwas kommen, von etwas stammen and many more ...

                  All the above explain, that a particular name derives from something else.

                  Your fault was to use "stammen aus" If you want to know when to use "stammen aus" feel free to ask me again. :-)


                  Das ist wo kommt der Namme der heutigen Gemeinde aus. Why is this market incorrect?


                  what about mine:"das ist,woraus der name der heutigen gemeinde kommt."

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                    smile :-)

                    Hm, not just. Because: "woraus" is used for things coming physically out of something else, like out of a container/box/bottle etc.

                    The key-word here is 'to descent - to originate' = "abstammen",

                    "von etwas abgeleitet sein"

                    "seinen Ursprung haben in...",

                    "mit einem Stammbaum verwand sein."

                    If you make a sentence like: "Wo kommen sie heraus?" {because "woraus" means "wo heraus" You are trying to say: out of what something comes. (names don't come out of a box)

                    In our example the origin of a name is in question.


                    Vielen Dank, it is so kind of you!


                    Sometimes it can be really hard to translate big sentences like this one... I wrote "Das ist, wo der Name der heutigen Gemeinde kommt aus." and it was marked wrong. Is it the "kommt aus" the wrong part of the sentence?

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                      Yes I agree. I is unfortunately wrong.

                      "kommt aus" derives from: "herauskommen" or "aus etwas (heraus)kommen" this means: - please see my comment above wmjsdr!


                      Why is "Daher kommt der Name von heutiger Gemeinde" wrong? And also, why a genitive form in the adjective:dative section?

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                        "Daher kommt der Name der heutigen Gemeinde". would be another correct version.

                        Your sentences construction is not ok, (can't explain why, I'll come back to you)

                        Also I don't get your second half of your question. Maybe someone else can join in.


                        PLease! Why can't the answer be:

                        (Das ist "woher" der Name "von" heutigen Gemeinde kommt.)

                        ??? Thanks!


                        I've wrote at the first time: "Das ist, wohin die Name der heutenen Gemeinden kommt aus". And ... it's correct!


                        Sorry:"... der heutenen Gemeinde..."

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                          Did you make this German word up?

                          "heutenen" is not a German word!

                          Even if it is possible to create your own compound nouns in the German language, you can't do this with adverbs and adjectives.

                          This word is not in the "Deutsche Duden!"

                          If DUO wave it through, -it has to be reported as false.

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