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"tlhIngan Dargh lutlhutlhlaHbe' Humanpu'. tlhoy SuQ."

Translation:Humans cannot drink Klingon tea. It's too toxic.

February 22, 2019



Is there such a thing as "Klingon tea" in the Trekiverse? I don't recall having heard of it before ...


Worf and Dr. Pulaski do a little tea ceremony and talk about how the tea is toxic.


I was marked wrong for "Humans are not able to drink Klingon tea. It's too toxic", which I recognize is a pretty tortured way to say things in English. Is there anything else incorrect about it?


That translation seems fine. It is simply a variant that we had failed to add in. It has now been added as an accepted translation.


I hope I'm not too much of an annoyance. I flagged the audio, here. I picked up that the r in Dargh was not rolled.


That's an acceptable pronunciation of the r in that location. The r shouldn't really have full roll anyway. It was described as being a "light roll" and Dr. Okrand does a single tap/flap when he speaks Klingon. He probably meant the "light" to indicate that it should be a single tap/flap, but Klingonists have come to accept both the single tap/flap and the full roll as legitimate variations.

Similarly the ""rgh*" combination includes a third variation. Dr. Okrand has explained that the r in that combination should, indeed, match the r used elsewhere in Klingon, but does, himself, use an American-style rhotic "r" consistently in the rgh combination. So all three pronunciations of the r are accepted in that combination.


Ok, I got it. rgh is one of the big pronunciation difficulties of Klingon anyway.

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