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Why can't all of students access the assignments?!?

Why can't all of students access the assignments? Some students have no issues accessing them and others cannot get to them without going through many other topics first.

Help! This is so frustrating!

February 22, 2019



Please, submit a bug report via

If you don't receive a solution, then you can email Schools' support staff at teachers@duolingo.com

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I have this problem too. I reported it back in December and just sent another bug report today. Please fix this asap as this renders Duolingo unusable for my classes.


I accidentally discovered a temporary fix to this... They don't have to complete all the skills/lessons leading up to an assignment, but they do have to achieve whatever LEVEL the assignment is on. So if the assignment is on the intermediate (2nd or 3rd) level, students will have to test out at the checkpoint for level 1 OR complete all the activities up to the checkpoint to complete the LEVEL before the skill you assigned.

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