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What's the difference between "secara" and "dengan" when it comes to using them as adverbs?

For example: "secara otomatis" means automatically and "dengan bahagia" means happily. Would both of these examples mean the same if I replaced the words with their counterparts like so?

"dengan otomatis"

"secara bahagia"

February 23, 2019



AFAIK secara means something more like "in a ... manner" and dengan means "with", thus making it:

secara otomatis => in an automatic manner
dengan bahagia => with happy(-ness)

Flipping them sounds unnatural for me, I mean "with automatic" and "in a happy manner" is just odd.

The one sure thing is that secara is almost exclusively used for manner, while dengan may be used for items/people too.


Oh ok, I understand it a bit more now. What are some other examples of other words that use secara?


Saya bertemu teman saya secara formal. I met my friend formally (in a formal manner).

Saya membaca buku ini secara pelan-pelan/perlahan-lahan. I read this book slowly (in a slow manner).

So 'secara' would be like adding '-ly' on an adjective/noun to make an adverb.


One thing that may help is to remember that "cara" means "way of doing something", so I guess "secara X" would be "in an X way"

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