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  5. "He reads."

"He reads."

Translation:Lui legge.

April 8, 2013



why is it that Legge refers to he? Whether it is lui or lei you use Legge for both. so legge on its own refers to he or she but not one or the other specific


Usually you can tell by the context, which is missing when you have a single sentence. If you are asked, for example, "What does HE do for fun?", you would know from the context of the question that it should be "HE reads." Absent the context, you would not know if it is he/she/it. All are correct translations of legge without the context, or the subject pronoun.


English has stupid rules too


Hey, how come "leggE" refers to "he reads" and "mangiA" refers to "he eats"? I think if I understood this it would make everything a lot easier.


They're different veb kinds like in Spanish you have él habla and él come.


In italian language verbs belong to 3 regular conjugations according to the present infinity. - Are 1, -ere 2, - ire ​​3. To conjugate the various tenses correctly it is necessary to use the right thematic vowel.


I really appreciate all of these answers but my words are used like conjugations and present infinity I'm lost I am not grounded in grammar that way therefore these explanations confuse me even further! I'm sure I'm not the only one. So can you please answer in layman's terms and not English professor terms?


I'm italian and today I started to do this lessons because I found many exercises which helped me to learn english,too!


Out of curiosity how?


I did not know it was legge that always confuses me


Absolutley grateful for the stimulating comments, really good stuff! Great links as well though it feels to be above my skill level The moment.


I can't tell when you have to put down any of the words so similar to legge

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