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  5. "Did you understand Mara?"

"Did you understand Mara?"

Translation:mara Dayaj'a'?

February 23, 2019



It says I have a typo. That the answer should be mara boyaj'a'?

Really?? bo?


mara boyaj'a'? is a possible translation -- it's used when you are speaking to several people at once. (Like vosotros or Ustedes in Spanish.)

If you are speaking to one person (tĂș / Usted), then the form would be mara Dayaj'a'?

In either case, the prefix shows that the subject is "you" (singular or plural, respectively) and the object is "him/her/it" (in this case: Mara).

Did you, perhaps, say mara bIyaj'a'?? The prefix bI- indicates that the subject is "you" (one person) and that there is no object. So it cannot be used in this sentence, where the verb does have an object.


I'm just wondering if there is a bug/typo here? I had a multiple choice question asking to translate "Did you understand Mara?" and had the following choices:

  • Nuq'e' boyaj'a' tlhIH?
  • Torgh boyaj'a'?
  • Mara Dayaj'a'?

Should they not all start with a lower case letter? I've reported to Duolingo here just in case so hopefully this typo can be fixed: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


I definitely consider it a bug, although it is one that was originally intentional. When Duolingo wrote the software they assumed all sentence should be capitalized and didn't think about the possibility that it might not be true in all languages. Now it's so deeply ingrained in the software that it will take a major overhaul to rewrite the code. The programmers know about it and it is officially on their list, but with such low priority that I don't know if it'll ever get fixed. I don't know if new reports just get ignored since it's already a known issue or if additional reports can help them to understand that it is a bigger priority.

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