I win, Deliciae!

I got my 585 of 585 crowns before you could drop your V4 course. I sure showed you. Per Duome, that works out to roughly 141,948 sentences typed over the course of 650+ days.

I am sure that you will agree that it is now futile for you to continue in the face of such determination, Deliciae. There can clearly be no more purpose in designing Norwegian courses that contain clever "trapper"--I mean "feller"--to torture hapless Americans with.

Now that you know the sheer persistence of your opposition, I am sure that it will sap any further joy you may receive from knowing that you are making people type "politibetjent" on a near-daily basis. Or "fornøyelsespark" even once.

And to add insult to injury, Deliciae, I bet you didn't even suspect that a side effect of your machinations would be that I would end up being able to communicate in Norwegian. This should be an abject lesson to you about how seemingly small actions can have completely unintended side effects. Yes, Deliciae, in a way, I have beaten you not just once but twice.

I do have a slightly related question, though. Now that I have finished the course, how long on average do I need to wait before NAV sends me the certificate granting honorary Norwegian citizenship, the 500 000 NOK check, and my order of St. Olav medallion? I am only asking because rent is about to come due and I could use some help making the payment.

February 23, 2019


Bah! And here I am, wearing a fancy mod ring that means I'm not even allowed to curse you in the way only someone who grew up in Nord-Norge could... I guess "Gratulerer!" will have to do, but know that I'm bitter about it.

NAV is a shining beacon of bureaucracy, so it might be a few months before you get your check. If it doesn't get lost in the mail, that is. I'm still waiting to receive my St. Olav medallion, so not sure about that one.

In case you're wondering when I'm planning to ruin your shiny tree, it will be as soon as Duo's design update from the apps hits the web version. Got to pick new skill icons, and then we're done. The A/B test will start on new users, but just you wait. On the bright side, Tree 4 is certified fornøyelsespark free. :)

Hei Deliciae :) I'm very sorry about my silence.

I come by this way because the other is not accessible. I didn't manage myself very well, I kept my documents warm but never took time to finish the report. There was nothing very important to say more, but some details. Where can I send you the last things to report to you ? Maybe you still have the link to google Doc ? So you can go and check on wenesday 17th of april.

I wish you a good spring (if it comes one day in Norway :) )

Hi, Céline!

I still have the link and will be checking it in a few days when I get back home. You should still have access to the Incubator chat as well, but I like the document format. Please don't feel bad, I know you've been busy.

Thank you, and the same to you! Spring is here, and I have a few days off to enjoy it with family before it disappears again. ;)


Err... did you mean "object lesson" not "abject" lesson? Or was that deliberate, being another gag comment? Either way, Heartiest Congratulations and many politibetjents on your achievment. (Did you do all that typing on a 'phone, because that is real commitment!)

Bwahahaha! Take my lingot, please!!

I don't get it. What kind of conquest was this?

You THINK she's beaten you, but really you've just fallen into her staircase...

You are all so very clever with your banter, I feel embarrassed, by comparison, offering straight-forward gratitude to Deliciae for all her hard work in developing the Norwegian course. I am a 68 year old life-long learner who decided during the covid quarantine to take on Norwegian (my 5th foreign language after French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese the old way). I have visited beautiful Norway three times and will definitely go again, as soon as the pandemic is controlled. I plan to finish this course before I go. Even if I will not be able to converse fluently, I feel that I will be able to make myself understood on basic topics. Thank you for making this course so interesting and fun, even if I haven't understood most of the pop culture allusions. The comments have been very constructive and amusing. Best wishes to the Duolingo Norwegian team and to all the folks around the world who are studying with me. Perhaps we'll meet one day on a tram somewhere and discover our lingua franca. Cheers.

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