Bengali soon to come!

There is a justified speculation that Bengali might soon show up on the incubator!

May 22, 2014

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wow....feels really great to see people interested in our language and culture .... did you know that bengali is the only language in the world for which people gave their lives in 1952 in the movement against Pakistan. Later UNESCO declared 21st february as International Mother Language Day in honor of Bengali language movement and linguistic rights of people around the world.

The language possess a long history of culture, literature, lifestyle, livings, joys and sorrows of bengali people.

Though very few people know of a similar language movement that happened in India

Thanks for sharing

Looking forward to Bengali coming on Duolingo

Bangla khub shundar basha! I've been slowly learning it over the last few years and I love it. It would be great to see if on Duolingo.

Waiting for Bengali course to arrive!

I am an American speaker of Bangla and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see the very important, and far too often overlooked, Bengali language come to light. In the meantime, I second Andrea Mandal's list of resources and also suggest "Introduction to Bengali: Part I" by Dimmock, Bhattacharji and Chatterjee.

I also hope Bengali will be added soon to duolingo, not just as English for Bengali Speakers, but also Bangla for English Speakers. বাংলা ভাষা শ্রেষ্ঠ!

Yes! Please add Bengali!

I hope Bengali is introduced soon. It is one of the most used languages. Please contact me to help Duolingo introduce Bengali course. :)

(Edit: go to and apply to contribute.)

If you want to contribute to the course, you'll have to apply in the incubator :)

Yes...I figured it out after posting this comment. Thanks, have a nice one! :)

I really want to learn Bengali. I can speak the language perfectly and understand it and learning it would be amazing.

Hi Samia, I can help you with that, I am a native bengali speaker. :)

Please, start the course, it wasn't started it seems.

Hey guys I am a Bengali and i have taken the initiative to be the teacher , if any one of you is a bengali and can help us please join in so that we can show up bengali in the incubator. Just go in the internet and type Contribute duolingo and sign in and you will be able to help duolingo to bring up this beautiful lanuage, come on hurry up I habe already registered to contribute

That's very cool Pichugene! I wish you luck and would love to see Bengali to be released next year :)

That is awesome! Looking forward to this release :)

Oh I hope so! ami bangla bahalobashi :P Bengali is my second favorite language after Hindi. I just love it, I have been trying to learn it but resources for it are so bad :( I think Bangla is one of the most underrated languages ever. It's so beautiful, has an amazing culture and literature, has a lot speakers and yet so few people want to learn it. :(

I agree, Bengali is one of the sweetest sounding languages of the world and has a rich culture and literature. I am reminded of some of the very old Bengali movies that I have recently watched featuring Sharmila Tagore just when she started her career.

Also, I think the Bengali script is easier to pick up for those who already know Devanagari.

I would really like to see the day when Duolingo facilitates language learning among speakers of the several Indian languages. I reckon that day cannot be too far out in the future!

Yes I agree with you. I think Bengali is one of the sweetest sounding languages also. I also love old Bengali movies especially the ones by Satyajit Ray. And Sharmila Tagore was amazing in both Hindi and Bengali ;)

Yes, her role in Satyajit Ray's Apur Sansar was amazing. Also in Aranyer Din Ratri!

btw, looks like Bengali has received more than 100 votes in one of the recent polls!

Really? That's amazing! Hopefully we get it soon! :D

Have you checked out ? His site is fantastic for beginners learning from English. William Radice's book Teach Yourself Bengali is good as well, as are Hanne-Ruth Thompson's books. Also check out the Let's Learn Bengali group on Facebook. Resources are out there and multiplying fast. I would love to see Duolingo pick up Bengali but we have to show that there is demand for it. And there certainly is; worldwide demand - but we need to be better organized and visible as a group of language learners. Bengali has so much to offer the world, I believe, if only we can convince people it is worth learning!

I've used the TY and the Colloquial. I have never seen that site though! It looks awesome. Thanks for the link :) I agree I hope more people will show an interest!

I am a native bengali speaker. I am speaking, reading, writing and listening bengali for 26 years now. I want to help here. as a instructor.. how can I do that.?

In case you didn't yet get an answer, go to - there's an English for Bengali speakers course in progress that looks like it could use help ( No one has started a Bengali for English speakers yet, but I suspect getting the one done first will help.

Is there any update?

After two years, it has happened! :D

I want to be an incubator here, I am a native bengali speaker. Also I am proficient in english and hindi. I am from Kolkata, India. I have filled up the incubator application form. Let me know if I can contribute here.

Can't wait for it to release!

Eagerly waiting for Bengali course to start on Dulingo !!!

Hi, any updates on this?

This would help me as well. Please let me know when it is ready.

I don't think they started it. :(

u guys did bengalie come yet\

jodi ase tahole to khub bahlo hoy

i really want to try this

I really want Duolingo to help me learn Bengali. I'm giving my lingots to any Bengali speakers who are contributing to this!

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