"Call your friend."

Translation:E kelepona i kou hoa.

February 23, 2019

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I was getting the impression that iā was used for people, but it's i in this sentence. What am I misunderstanding?


I was just trying to figure that out too. On this discussion, KaimanaSoliai said

“iā” is used to proceed an object when that object is either a person’s name or a pronoun.

So maybe it's just "i" here since it is a possessive + a noun, rather than specifically a pronoun or name, even though it's a person ? This is my guess :)


ʻAe, pololei! That's correct. The object marker "i" is used in front of "kou hoa" instead of "iā", because "iā" is used for pronouns (ʻoe, kāua, etc.) and proper nouns (names), and not common nouns.


Could it also be hoa aloha


"E kelepona i kou hoa aloha" is another accepted answer :)


Duolingo told me I had a typo and suggested I correct to "E kelepona ʻoe i kou haa"

What is the meaning of this haa, and does it differ from hoa?


That sounds like a bug in the Duolingo software. It should be hoa, and not haa.


E kelepona i kou ipo wahine ʻO ka manawa kēia o kāu kamaʻilio

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