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Why learn Kiswahili?

I am learning Kiswahili to learn more about the cultures of east Africa. I think African languages are highly underrated and I would like to raise awareness of their beauty. Why are are you learning it? What are your motivations?

February 23, 2019



I spoke it when I was little but the language faded when I moved countries, so I am studying it to relearn and reconnect with my roots. I do also love the language for its own sake, from how it sounds (especially in music) to how it's constructed.


Do you have any music in Swahili you coulf recommend?


Bongo Flava (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bongo_Flava) is one genre you can check out. Spotify has an official list for it, or you can always search Youtube for one-hour mixes and discover artists from there.


My wife is Kenyan and I want my daughter to be fluent


Kiswahili is a langua Franca in many parts of eastern and central Africa, so it’s useful to learn if Africa in general interests you. Also Kiswahili is a historically interesting and very beautiful language.


As it is the only African langauge on the site... ;)

Honestly, I do hope more African languages get on here. I'd love to see Yoruba, for instance. And Lingala.

Sadly, my primary African language of interest will most likely never show up on Duolingo: Ga.


Asante kwa kuchukua jani la imani, kuendeleza uwezo wako kamili, lugha moja kwa wakati !!!!!!!


Traduction from Google:
"Thank you for taking the leaf of faith, developing your full potential, one language at a time"
It is still to difficult for my knowledge level 6. I know only 2 words of the whole sentence. But it sounds great!


leaf of faith ??? That's a new one to me!


I am going to move to Tanzania when I retire so I am preparing :). I love that country, the beauty of nature and very kind and always happy people


Because i was in Africa for some months. I felt in love with this beautiful language, african people and their priorities, how to live and what is important to keep... Im learning kiswahili, because i want to be back many times again, i have friends there and i think, that knewledge of this language is not so usually (expecially in my small country), so this can be useful.


I am not learning it yet as I fear getting over extended on my first two languages. But as soon as I am comfortable with them, Swahili is my absolute top priority. I agree that African languages are underrated and I also want to understand their culture better.


As my native language is a Portuguese creoule mixed with West African languages, for a long time I have been very interested in African languages and the culture in general. After a colleague started teaching me some words, for being the most popular language in Africa, and after other colleague recommended me Duolingo, I started learning immediately. And I'm loving it: the sonority of the language is beautiful; it is well structured, very economic and clever. There should definitely be more African languages here: I yearn for the day that Bambara (Mali) is released here.


im relearning it because my whole dads side of the family is born and raised in Tanzania. i grew up speaking it a bit, but it was integrated too much and was lost a bit in me.


Mainly because I have a lot a collaboration with people in Tanzania and Kenya (and Uganda and Rwanda as well). So, I spend about 1-2 months every year in Swahili speaking countries.


I am East African, Kiswahili is my national Language,...so I gotta learn it.


I want to learn a language from every continent. I picked Swahili for Africa because it had a lot of learning resources and I also liked the way it sounded (plus its pronunciation isn't terribly difficult for me, a native English speaker).


I have trouble with learning languages, but always joked about learning Swahili. The language sounded cool, and Swahili really rolls off the tongue. When I found this site and saw it had Swahili, I decided why not try and learn a language again?


It's not the language I am currently learning. But I hope to travel some parts of Africa some day and kiswahili is the second most popular language in Africa. Swahili is the only African language on duolingo and duolingo is the only place I can learn different languages for free.


For the same reasons. I understand that Swahili is the most spoken language in Africa. Is that true?


Swahili would be the most spoken African language in Africa. However, it is estimated that there are about 200 million people in Africa that speak Arabic as their first language .


I think so! It has a lot of native speakers and people who learned it as a second/third


Good question! I started learning it because I got a job in Tanzania, but now im back home and I'm continuing because I love the language. My duoligo Amsterdam Swahili club is also very motivating! katibu https://events.duolingo.com/amsterdam-swahili/


ouch that's an embarrassing typo


Yes! I am a native speaker, and many of us are oblivious to the cultures of East Africa.


I'm learning it because I live in Tanzania :)


I am an African woman, I am learning Swahili because it is one African language that in internationally recognised.

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