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"Dia mau mengukur badan dia dalam sentimeter."

Translation:She wants to measure her body in centimetres.

February 23, 2019



Often, yes, but not always.



One of the meanings of /badan/ can be to refer exclusively to the torso.


Badan word comes from turkish this is my responsibility of notify here.


She want to measure her body in centimeters. Was my answer and that is wrong....I am here to practice Indonesia not to learn English. English is not my native language so mistakes will happen...


Why is she wants to measure his body size in centimetres wrong?


It is not wrong, but not a valid option in the DuoLingo dataset. We do not know if dia is a she or a he. And we do not know is she is measuring him or her or herself. Or he is measuring her or himself. So all are correct translations. Everything is about context in Indonesia. If she/he would measure her/his own body size; Dia mau mengukur badannya dalam sentimeter. , would be a good translation.


What is wrong with this translation: "He wants to measure his body in centimers"


The context is about measuring height. So measuring body sounds weird.

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