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Request for Recommendations of Indonesian Textbooks to accompany Duolingo Course

Do any of my fellow Indonesian learners and speakers have recommendations for textbooks that teach Indonesian to English speakers?

I'm progressing quite nicely with Duolingo and frequent daily Indonesian conversations with native speakers, but feel like an Indonesian 101 Textbook would make a fantastic accompaniment for this Duolingo course as reference.

However, my searches at brick-and-mortar libraries and amazon haven't resulted with much useful material at all (aside from random Indonesia Traveler "Useful Phrases" books and the like). It seems most Language learning texts are the opposite direction, to help native Bahasa Indonesia speakers learn English.

Any help or suggestions, welcome! Terima kasih, teman teman! :D

February 24, 2019


[deactivated user]

    I've been using Teach Yourself Indonesian and Colloquial Indonesian. Both are pretty decent textbooks for self-learners. With Colloquial Indonesian you only need to buy the text because Routledge has put all the audio to their Colloquial series up on their website and you can download it for free.


    By 'textbook', do you mean a 'grammar book' ?

    If yes, then I would recommend these books by James Neil Sneddon.
    "Indonesian Reference Grammar"
    "Indonesian: A Comprehensive Grammar"

    This book is not so heavy on the grammar:
    "A Student's Guide to Indonesian Grammar" by Dwi Noverini Djenar.

    James Neil Sneddon's books are not cheap.
    Maybe you can borrow a copy in the library in your town.


    I second colloquial indonesisan


    Try "The Indonesian Way" which is an online course with tons of reference materials.

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