Hello does anyone know wether I can Shift between USE WORD BANK and USE KEYBOARD through a keyboard shortcut, without having to use the pad or the mouse? Thanks.

February 24, 2019



I am curious and have subscribed to your interesting thread.

AFAIK you click the "use keyboard" toggle button once on the web portal this setting is permanently stored, which is (very) good.

Do you need tapping of word banks sometimes for the more complicated languages you are learning?

Don't you have then to use the mouse to click on the word banks on the web?

Can you use the number keys to select been the word tiles?

February 24, 2019

On the web portal I can not see the toggle switch when I do "/practice" exercises.

For my Subjunctive skill on crown L1 level I see the toggle button.

But not any word tile is marked with a number - like Memrise supports it after pressing any number key - so I definitely have to use the mouse to be able to select word banks (on the web).

Because of this, I do not really understand your personal request to have hotkey to shift the usage between word banks and the keyboard typing.

Once again, as soon as the keyboard option is selected the first time on a course, it stays for me forever.

Is it different for you?

February 24, 2019

For the Russian course I often use Duolingo open in the main browser keeping such window available in the background. Then in front I use another browser with a Russian virtual keyboard to write sentences. In many cases, in order to write longer phrases, I need to have the Word Bank open and available in background (so that I can see the bricks with the words on them) whilst typing Russian on the virtual keyboard. After that I copy the Russian sentence and shift to the other browser to paste such sentence on Duolingo. It is in that moment that I need to switch from "Word Bank" to "Use keyboard": so that I can paste the sentence in Russian into the Duolingo and check its correctness. Hope I was clear. Kindly, Filippo.

February 24, 2019
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