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Instructions and Explanations

I'm new to Duolingo and I am really benefitting from the exercises.

But, I find no directions or explanation on how the site works. What is the graph about? What are the icons with graduated sections about? How do you know about your progress, practice sessions, etc.

It would really help if the site had some basic instructions for beginners on how to use the site. Intuitive is good to a point, but . . .


May 22, 2014



I have the same question. I've been using Duoling for a while, in a completely random way. I have no idea what all the graphs and icons mean, it's a complete mystery. Ridiculous that there are no instructions - and I've paid for Duolingo Plus. I think it's really bad that there is no initial help or support for people. Thinking of cancelling and switching to an app which makes things clear. It's difficult enough learning a new language without having to decode a load of icons and graphs.


You can start here: http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Duolingo_Wiki It's unofficial wiki.


Thanks so much! It'd be great if that link was on the website, or sent with the signup confirmation!


I've had the same issue. I sort of gave up on the site but decided to give it another try.


I am learning fast on the site, even though I still don't understand some of its structure. Here's a lingot to encourage your progress!


Thanks for this feedback! We're working on that :) Also, welcome to Duolingo!


and where do I find a key to the symbols/icons in these chats? :)


Thank you! Great site! I'm learning fast! : )


Hi, I'm not sure where to post this question--What is a lingot, and what does it do?



it's a reward of script/money that can be used in the store for special features. Check out this link: http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Duolingo_Wiki


It seems I'm just doing the same exercise over and over. I can't figure out what I've done and what's next.


if you successfully complete a lesson, then continue clicking continue, it will take you to the next lesson, or click "home" and click on the next lesson. On the home page, you will see a check mark next to completed lessons and "Begin" under the next one. (If you lose all three hearts and crash, click "retry" and do it again. It's crushing when you lose the last heart on the last question! But buck up, and retry - or wait for the next day!)


It's not surprising that you are lost. With lessons within icon/topic areas and neither a linear nor a free-form structure it's a bloody mess. I've done mostly 3 levels (earning a crown. Why?) and have access to new tropics. Should I stay in the current areas and go higher (levels 4, 5... 101?) or should I acess the new topics? Yes, it's an engaging interface and litsvof good features. But painfully lacking structures. Lingots, Crowns and that weird elephant thing? Can anyone explain?


why do some of the level lesson circles have cracks in them?


I can't find anywhere where one learns the basic structure of the system. This is important. One needs to know how to proceed from lesson to lesson. It frustrates me that there seems to be no- where to learn how duolingo works.

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