Full Korean course?

Hello everyone, I was studying for a while with this app and I find it really useful, I really like the course and I'm really grateful for it but I was wondering, are there plans for beta version become into a full version?

I mean, I used courses for other languages in the past and those have some speaking exercises I think it could be great if we can practice korean in that way

I'm not criticizing at all, I just wanted to know if there is a proyect for it

February 24, 2019


In the meantime do the reverse tree and read the native Korean's comments..

February 24, 2019

You're a native speaker of Spanish, aren't you? I am too haha I love that you used the upside down question mark, that's generally not used in English haha

Also by the way, the first sound in 'year' and 'yellow' is not the same as the first sound in 'jeer' or 'Jell-o' or the sound in the middle of the word 'project' For the 'j' sound it is required that you touch the middle or tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth, for the 'y' sound it is required that you not touch the roof of your mouth at all. A distinction between these two sounds does not exist in many languages, including Spanish.

Also to actually answer your question, Duolingo is slow just give it time, in the meantime, there are other sites and services that are good too and you can always try the reverse course on DL (learning English from Korean) as has already been suggested

February 25, 2019

hi! yes I'm from argentina, I can guess you're colombian oh I actually know that but sometimes I forget to check out, french and italians doesn't use it as spanish do but I still wrong.

thanks for the information, I keep learning

indeed is a really good idea, I didn't considerate it before do you know an alternative to improve speaking skills?

February 25, 2019
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