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  5. "We play together."

"We play together."

Translation:Kami bermain bersama.

February 24, 2019



Why is the right multi-choice answer "kami bermain bersama-sama"? why is sama repeated?


What is the difference between 'bersama' and 'bersama-sama'?


What is the difference between "bersama" and "bersama-sama"? What is it?!


Why "kami"? "Kita" makes more sense to me; after all, the inclusion of those addressed seems to be used here: "[Kita] bermain bersama."


Just an example: Kid 1: "Do you play together?" Kid 2: "Yes, we (Kid 2+3) play together"

Kid 1: "Apaka kamu bermain bersama?" Kid 2: "Ya, kami bermain bersama."


True! It is just that from the sentence "We play together." much can be inferred, read into the sentence, lacking discrete context. For me, thus, either seems a suitable reply until the context is given. From your example, I definitely accept and agree that "kami" is correct. On its own (not to "beat a dead horse"), it could be reported speech - or, it could be: direct speech.

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