"We play together."

Translation:Kami bermain bersama.

February 24, 2019



Why "kami"? "Kita" makes more sense to me; after all, the inclusion of those addressed seems to be used here: "[Kita] bermain bersama."

February 24, 2019


Just an example: Kid 1: "Do you play together?" Kid 2: "Yes, we (Kid 2+3) play together"

Kid 1: "Apaka kamu bermain bersama?" Kid 2: "Ya, kami bermain bersama."

March 24, 2019


True! It is just that from the sentence "We play together." much can be inferred, read into the sentence, lacking discrete context. For me, thus, either seems a suitable reply until the context is given. From your example, I definitely accept and agree that "kami" is correct. On its own (not to "beat a dead horse"), it could be reported speech - or, it could be: direct speech.

March 26, 2019
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