"Buku ini menggambarkan tentang pemerintahan Jepang di abad lalu."

Translation:This book describes the Japanese government in the last century.

February 24, 2019

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Japanese government without "the" in front of it should be accepted as there are many governments in the course of a century or if pemerintahan is translated as "governance" then "the" is certainly not needed


What is the difference between pemerintah and pemerintahan in this context?



I'm not going to try to translate any of those huge blocks of text but the important distinction seems to be

pemerintah: sistem ... mengatur kehidupan sosial, ekonomi, dan politik suatu negara atau bagian-bagiannya;

System of organising society, economics and politics of a country or part of a country.

pemerintahan: proses, cara, perbuatan memerintah The process, method or action of governing.

So I guess the second could be translated as "Governance" rather than "Government"


Why is tentang necessary?


"The past century" should be an accepted translation.

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