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  5. "We wait in the yard."

"We wait in the yard."

Translation:Aspettiamo nel cortile.

April 8, 2013



In italiano "aspettiamo in cortile "equivale a dire "aspettiamo nel cortile" ...


i miei frullati porta tutti i ragazzi al cortile


I would learn Italian so much faster if Duolingo used sentences like this!


'Yard' to me is the american equivalent of 'garden', so I would assume 'giardino' would work here but it does not? A courtyard is a different meaning from a yard.


In my part of America we say yard for a small area anywhere around a house, not exactly a garden because there is only grass, and not exactly a courtyard because that is seen more as a grand front entrance to an estate that may include a lawn.


Why is "in cortile" not acceptable


Perché non potrebbe essere "speriamo" invece di "aspettiamo"


What's the difference between "yard", "garden", "curtyard" and such? I'm not a native and I'm confused :ccc


In American English, a yard is the open space in front of or behind a house; a garden is a space (often in a yard) for growing flowers or vegetables. But in British English, "garden" is used pretty much as Americans use "yard." But "courtyard" wouldn't be used for such a space on either continent, I don't think--it implies something larger (as in the central open space in an apartment block) or more formal (as in the area delimited by the wings of a palace).


When do you use sul, sulle and sulla and when do you use nel and nello? What is the difference??


Thanks - I sent you a lingot - not thank most of us need extras. The chart looks helpful.


I still don't know why "in cortile" is not accepted. What is the difference between "in" and "nel"


Why not "nello cortile"?


Could someone tell me why 'noi aspettiamo nell'cortile' is not accepted? in the = nel il = nell' Or am I wrong?

  • nell' = in + l' (which is used only before a vowel)
  • nel = in + il (which is used before most consonants for masculine words)


I used the verb attendere which was marked wrong, perche?

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