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"Ich komme soeben von dort zurück."

Translation:I am just getting back from there.

April 8, 2013



In one sentence 'soeben' implies past tense, in another it's present... ❤❤❤?


It's because you can use the present tense for things in the past or future provided the rest of the sentence makes it clear. In english we have to be much more precise about past/present/future.


Why should the adverb imply a particular tense? It's like expecting "just" in English to be used only with present... thinkng about it, 'soeben' seems to be used much like 'just' is. I just came back is borderline past/present. You would not place it on the same timeline spot as 'i only came back', 'i then came back', and it would be much closer to 'i have just come back' or 'i'm just coming back' -with the right context for that last one, granted.

So well, no ❤❤❤ material here imho, just room for being subtle in German, as you can be in English


Was ist der Unterschied zwischen "gerade" und "soeben"?


there's synonymous, although it seems German folks prefer to use "gerade" more colloquially :



" I am just back from there. " Rejected and reported. This is how I would say this in English--yes, the motion idea is implicit.


"I have just come back from there" was accepted.


How about "I'm just on the way back from there"?


I just came back from there., sounds so right, but dunno if it will be accepted


Its funny my main problem is just spelling


"I just came back from over there" was not accepted...


why did it take off a heart for "i have just come back from there?"


I just return from there is nor accepted


Because just implies recent past, that means you need to use the past tense in English.


you may be right, but DL is not consistent with these things. For instance in a similar sentence "Ich komme soeben aus dem Krankenhaus" , DL accepts the translation "I just come from the hospital" as well as "I just came from the hospital". In an instructive program such inconsistencies can not be approved.

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