"Aia kona hālāwai kauka ma ka lā ʻehia?"

Translation:His doctor's appointment is on which date?

February 25, 2019

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I wish the DL Hawaii folks would reduce the times that pointing at a single word results in the entire sentence being shown. This doesn't help learning.


“What is the date of her doctor’s appointment?” Is the same thing, right?


Aia kona hālāwai kauka ma ka lā ʻehia? = Her doctor appointment is on which date?

Aia kona hālāwai kauka ma ka lā ʻewalu o Mei. = Her doctor appointment is May eighth.


How can you tell if it's masculine or feminine. It used Kona as her in the last sentence and his in this one


It's ungendered.


I entered 'her' and was told i was wrong ans it should be 'his'


I suspect there was some other problem with your sentence, as “her” should certainly be accepted. Just because the “correct” translation says “his” doesn’t mean it would not have accepted “her”.


Nope. That was the only difference. I read through it so many times trying to find what was wrong besides his/her.


Q1. Do folks make a distinction between “date” and “day”? In English I do. Date means all the info 10th March. Day means of the week, Monday. So is this translation actually correct? Is there another way to specify which you want in reply?

Q2. Am I correct in believing you can say ‘doctor appointment’ by just saying “Kauka” and no “hālāwai”? That’s what you get in Google translate.


I’m still looking for an answer especially to Q1 re meaning of ka la ‘ehia. E kōkua e ‘olu’olu.

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