"She falls because we push her."

Translation:Dia jatuh karena kami mendorong dia.

February 25, 2019

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Why is "mendorongnya" marked incorrect here?


It should be correct. "Mendorongnya" is more effective.


I really worry about some of these examples.. pushing people, apples watching you.. strange choices to me.. not really ones we would ever use, which lessens their value.. maybe push a bike would be a better example


Does it matter here if we say "mendorong" or "mendorongkan"?


It will have a bit different meaning. "Mendorongkan" means "a person pushes something for another person".


Can someone tell me why "kami" is used in place of "kita" when the context clearly includes the speakers addressed?


Both can be used, it depends on the context.

If the person you are talking to is also "one of the pushers", then you can use "kita".
If the person you are talking to did not participate in the "pushing", then you should use "kami".


Would it be better to say "Dia terjatuh karena kami mendorong dia" since (or if) she fell unintentionally?



Yes, your sentence is better. We can use terjatuh because the meaning is like what you say, ie. she falls unintentionally. Also, you can replace dia with -nya.

=> "Dia terjatuh karena kami mendorongnya".


Should 'menjatuh' = fell or is falling not be a better word to use than 'jatuh' = falls


I don't think so but of course am not a native speaker. "Menjatuh" makes the root verb 'jatuh' transitive (she is falling something) which I'm not sure exists or has any meaning (implies an object) unless you were a lumberjack felling a tree. But even we are really using a different verb there (to fell, not fall) in English, "tebang" in Indonesian, I believe.


DanRL69, ScottFento3:

There is no menjatuh word in Bahasa Indonesia but are "berjatuh", "berjatuhan", "menjatuhi", "menjatuhkan", "terjatuh", "penjatuhan", and "kejatuhan".

However, only terjatuh (for first part, she falls) can be applied for the statement above.

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