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  5. "ghot QIp vuvbe' SuS."

"ghot QIp vuvbe' SuS."

Translation:The wind does not respect a stupid person.

February 25, 2019



Is this a Klingon saying? There was also "The wind respects him."


It's based on a Klingon saying, yes: qoH vuvbe' SuS. "The wind does not respect a fool".

It's recorded in The Klingon Way with the explanation:

This is actually the moral of a fable in the manner of Aesop. It advises one not to try that which is clearly impossible. According to the story, told by the clone of Kahless, a man once refused to go inside the city walls to protect himself from an impending storm. He said he wanted to "stand before the wind and make it respect me." The man was killed by the storm.

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