"Dia menemukan sejumlah uang di tas ini."

Translation:She found an amount of money in this bag.

February 25, 2019

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Yes, that's also possible.

"jumlah" = total.
"sejumlah" = a total of, a quantity of, etc....


Not just possible, but much better sounding in English, and very likely preferred.


"Sejumlah" is a quite difficult word to define. According to KBBI, "sejumlah" is a synonym of "beberapa" (some). KBBI clearly says "yang tidak dinyatakan secara pasti" (the amount is not stated certainly). My iOS dictionary app says "sejumlah" is "a number of" so as IndoDic does. IndoDic also translates as "a bunch of" and "some".


Just agreeing with the idea that "She found some money in this bag" should be correct.

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