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  5. "Welcome, please."

"Welcome, please."

Translation:Selamat datang, silakan.

February 25, 2019



Why is welcome somtimes sama-sama and sometimes selamat detang?

  • Welcome = Selamat datang
  • You're welcome = Sama-sama


Yes, 'We welcome you' and thank you for the tour - 'You are welcome'.


Why is the English translation "welcome please" it doesn't make sense. I can't fully understand what this phrase is trying to express because this isn't how we express ourselves in English


I think it means: Welcome, (come in) please.


There are several "please" words in Indonesian, unlike in English.

If you want to invite with respect someone to do something (please come in), you use "silakan" (very well translated with the French "je vous en prie"). Also if someone ask you if they can do something, and you accept and want to tell this person very politely.

if you rather ask respectfully someone because you want to do something, or you want a service from this person, you use "tolong". For instance, if you want someone to help you to do something.

But I'm not sure there's the idea of coming in in the Indonesian sentence "selamat datang"? Literally it's "good coming". Is it a prayer than the host makes to the guest to accept the respectful greeting of "good coming"? In this case, the "silakan" would be badly translated in English, isn't it?

And, also, is the English sentence really natural here?


I have a typo when i want to write "silakan" ..but duolingo said it is wrong


Technically, "Sama-sama, silakan." should be accepted too lol


Wouldn't it change the meaning? Selamat datang, when you receive friends in your house for instance, and sama-sama, when someone told you "Thank you".


Why "welcome" is sometimes "selamat datang" and sometimes "silakan"?


Silakan means please


You mean "welcome" is sometimes "selamat datang", and sometimes "sama-sama"/Terima kasih kembali.

It's explained in other messages. Welcome, when you come in my house, it's "selamat datang" (literally good/happy coming)

And "you are welcome" when you told me "Thank you", oh it's nothing, you are welcome. It's sama-sama/terima kasih kembali.

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