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typos registering as incorrect?

for the purposes of learning french, I've been temporarily changing my keyboard layout from US English to Canadian Multilingual Standard. It's worked out pretty well, but there are certain common mistakes that come from switching between these two layouts as a result of punctuation being moved to make room for french diacritics. right now duolingo is registering these mistakes as incorrect when it expects english text but they're only registered as typos when it expects french text. it seems to me that it would make more sense to register them all as typos, since the they don't indicate a lack of understanding so much as not being used to a certain keyboard layout.

the two most common cases where this happens are having a sentence end with a É (because it's where the ? would be an an EN-US keyboard) and putting a è in the middle of a contracted word (like "canèt" instead of "can't" or "itès" instead of "it's").

May 22, 2014

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Duolingo always expects you to write in the language the question demands. Within this limitation typos are 'forgiven' if they do not end up being a new word. (If your computer autocorrects your typing that is another issue, but has nothing to do with Duolingo I believe!)

This is the best that you can do with a computer program because it is impossible for the computer to know if you mistyped or, mixed up the meaning of the word.

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