"Today is Wednesday."

Translation:ʻO ka Pōʻakolu kēia.

February 25, 2019

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(ʻO ka) poʻahia kēia? = What day of the week is this?

(1. ʻekahi) Monday = ka Pōʻakahi

(2. ʻelua) Tuesday = ka Pōʻalua

(3. ʻekolu) Wednesday = ka Pōʻakolu

(4. ʻehā) Thursday = ka Pōʻahā

(5. ʻelima) Friday = ka Pōʻalima

(6. ʻeono) Saturday = ka Pōʻaono

Sunday = ka Lāpule

Which day? = Ka pōʻahia?


I think literally it says “This is the 3rd day of the week” but when translated would be “Today is Wednesday” so the kēia lā would be redundant.


This is Wednesday. Shouldn't today is Wednesday be kēia lā?


"This is the third night of the week," is the more literal translation. But the common interpretation is "Today is Wednesday."


I'm curious as well. On a side note though, days of the week in Hawaiian are actually nights of the week. "Po" being night and "la" being day. So I think it would contradicting to use keia la. Just a thought.


That is an excellent point. I had not considered that aspect. For this prompt, "This is Wednesday" has a different translation from "Today is Wednesday."
ʻO ka Pō'akolu kēia. This is Wednesday.
ʻO ka Pō'akolu kēia lā. This day is Wednesday.


'O kēia ka Po'akolu. Was accepted


I can see how this is correct but I don’t think “i keia la” should be marked wrong. Unless it is never actually used of course.


what is the purpose of the 'O? Is it to indicate that it is the subject of the sentence?


Aloha e GlennMoris. The best lessons I know that answer your question are grammar sources. The first is part of a series of slideshares by malama777 and I recommend you look through the full 21 slides here https://www.slideshare.net/malama777/aike-101 but the matter of ‘O sentences (pepeke) starts at slide 8.

The other source is a fabulous one page document that I think was linked on DL by our aloha hoa GaryKaHaumana, a grammar wizard. The section on “Pepeke ‘Aike ‘O” should be linked here…. https://hawaiian-grammar.org/current/#h.ujnzk377y1y1

The equational structure here is [today] = [Wednesday]; or in Hawaiian [ka Pōʻakolu] = [keia].

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